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ALL our wines are grown, fermented, and bottled in our winery and vineyard.

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Wine Tastings

Wednesday through Sunday  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM. 

 Flights:Taste 6 Rio Claro Wines

3 Whites & 3 Red  $10 / Person

  Wine by the Glass -- $10 / Person

Reservations required for Cheese Platters, Tours and Private Events on our Wine Party Bus


Bring your group to celebrate at Club Rio (our wine party bus).  Start at the Tasting Room to select your favorite wines to take aboard. Then climb on our bus and set the mood.  CLUB RIO has a music system that can connect to your own smartphone playlist with a lighting system to match. 

Club Rio is a perfect choice for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, girls dayout or just bring your favorite friends out for a fun gathering at Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery


1st AZ Winery Silver Innovator Sustainable Certification

Ignacio had long dreamed of planting a vineyard to make wine and Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery is the result of that dream. When he planted his vineyard, the goal was to use sustainable organic methods of growing grapes to make wine. He uses geese and chickens to get the weeds and bugs, uses the high nitrogen water from the bottom of the fish pond he built to irrigate his vineyard so he doesn’t have to purchase chemical fertilizers for his vineyard. He also seeds a cover crop between the vineyard rows with  vetch, clover and peas that produce nitrogen so he doesn’t have to buy chemical fertilizers. The end result is a healthy vineyard that produces high quality grapes to make his wines. We invite you to visit Clear Creek Winery and taste our vintage wines.  



Ignacio took his first viticulture classes at the University of Arizona at age 20, where he learned two methods of farming grapes: organic and non-organic. He wasn’t able to pursue a career in viticulture at that time as the funds required to purchase land were not available. His career path took him in a different direction but he maintained his interest in vines by planting small vineyards to make wine at each location he was moved to during his career.

After 33 years, he was ready to pursue his dream and went on a search to find a place with the right soil composition, climate and availability of clean water to grow his vineyard. In 1999, he found his place in the fertile valley of West Clear Creek, and Clear Vineyard & Winery was born.  Ignacio has achieved his goal to have an Estate Boutique Winery using only his sustainably-grown grapes to make his wines. Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery was the first winery to receive the Silver Innovator Sustainability Certification in Arizona. His Rio Claro wines are individual with limited production and unique in style.

Come and experience Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery with it's lush green vineyard, crystal clear pond and mountain vistas.  It is  the ideal pastoral interlude for you and your friends to sit back, relax and sip our Rio Claro Wines.

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Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery

4053 E Highway 260, Camp Verde, AZ 86322, US

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Wednesday - Sunday 11 AM - 5 PM